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The American Garage Woodworking 1- How to use a Tablesaw

This episode is all about learning to use a tablesaw properly. This is an hour long demonstration, and goes into depth with ripping, crosscutting, adjusting the saw, changing blades, and of course safety. I injected a little humor into the safety part, so I hope it is not too cheesy. Also, for some reason when the camera went on, I called the miter gauge a square. At least I was consistent- and used the wrong term throughout. Bear with me on that. The demonstration includes the making of a puzzle, which helps to learn the cuts. Here are the plans for you to build your own!


The American Garage Minute- Puzzle Solution


Okay, so I am helping you cheat on the puzzle solution. But hey! If you have built the puzzle, then you need the solution so you can drive your friends crazy. Haven’t built the puzzle yet? I go through all the steps of making the puzzle as I teach you the best ways to use a table saw in the episode How To Use a Table Saw. Go check it out. The idea is to become precise in your sue to a tablesaw- to make your work better, and to help keep you safe by using best practices. Remember, always follow the safety guidelines that come with your power tools! You are responsible for your safety. Enjoy the puzzle solution, and send me your comments!

The American Garage Woodworking- How to use a Jointer

In this video, Steve show us how to use a jointer. A jointer  really has a limited purpose, but that purpose is so important to successful woodworking that every woodworker should know how to use one. Here is a note from Steve-

I learned to use a jointer in high school wood shop, and at first considered it a low priority tool- since I could not afford one in my own shop for the longest time. It was a luxury, and one that I worked without for many years. The end result was when I glued boards together, joints would not always match up. When I made boxes, I had the hardest time getting them to sit  flat. My solution was to either 1, ignore it, 2, sand the high spots until it sat flat, or 3- use clamps and pressure to try and bend the boards in place until they dried. These solutions never worked, and sometimes gave disastrous results. Being spoiled as school with a 10 inch jointer with an 8 foot bed, the small ones I saw at the store just did not begin to measure up. When I finally got my own jointer, it is a 6 inch jointer with a 4 foot bed- I realized that the smaller size can still produce very nice results. All of a sudden, I could straighten a board and the project went flawlessly. Risks of kickback diminished because the wood sits flat on the tablesaw. Edges come out straight as an arrow. The headaches I could have saved myself! Anyway, enjoy this episode, and happy woodworking! Be safe and follow all the safety procedures that come with your power tools. Don’t forget your safety glasses!

The American Garage- Saw Safety


Steve shows some techniques and tools used to keep yourself safe when using woodworking tools.


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