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Posts from 2017-08-27

The American Garage Minute- Replacing Timing Belt and Valve Cover Gaskets



Well, we had a car project sneak up on us and require our attention at The American Garage, and we jumped in with both feet. There were so many oil leaks on the car, that it couldn’t leak more unless I left the drain-plug out. This caused a whole course of actions to ensue which included replacing the timing belt, water pump, and replacing a LOT of seals on the engine. Jump in with us as Steve takes us through the repairs. Part 1 of 2.


The American Garage Minute- Timing Belt & Gaskets Part 2


I know I am posting this as a minute episode, and it is regular length- but here is the conclusion of the car repairs that we started in the last post.  I know it is a daunting thing to dig into your primary transportation like this- and that many will not do so. But the rewards- and the trials- of a task like this have really helped me to become more able to identify problems, solve problems, and the victory of the successful completion has positively impacted my budget and allowed me to understand what I am really capable of. Perhaps by challenging  and pushing the limits of what I know and what I can do, I have found more capability then I would have thought possible. And now that the car is taken care of, we can get back to the fun projects we have in store! Feel free to ask questions and add your comments-


The American Garage Minute- Battery Safety

Steve takes a minute to show how to understand the importance of disconnecting the ground to a battery before working on a car.

The American Garage Woodworking 1- How to use a Tablesaw

This episode is all about learning to use a tablesaw properly. This is an hour long demonstration, and goes into depth with ripping, crosscutting, adjusting the saw, changing blades, and of course safety. I injected a little humor into the safety part, so I hope it is not too cheesy. Also, for some reason when the camera went on, I called the miter gauge a square. At least I was consistent- and used the wrong term throughout. Bear with me on that. The demonstration includes the making of a puzzle, which helps to learn the cuts. Here are the plans for you to build your own!


The American Garage Minute- Puzzle Solution


Okay, so I am helping you cheat on the puzzle solution. But hey! If you have built the puzzle, then you need the solution so you can drive your friends crazy. Haven’t built the puzzle yet? I go through all the steps of making the puzzle as I teach you the best ways to use a table saw in the episode How To Use a Table Saw. Go check it out. The idea is to become precise in your sue to a tablesaw- to make your work better, and to help keep you safe by using best practices. Remember, always follow the safety guidelines that come with your power tools! You are responsible for your safety. Enjoy the puzzle solution, and send me your comments!